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Meet Lion Mark

Meet Lion Mark

Lion Mark has a unique and diverse background that will serve him well as an International Director. Beyond his experience as a Lion at the club level through to all of his international service and leadership experiences, he has a lifelong record of success, accomplishment, and service to others in many different arenas.

Below you find some background details about Lion Mark (both as a Lion and who he is outside of Lions) that demonstrates his selfless service to others, his accomplishments as a person, and other details about his life that tells a story about his drive to get involved and help.


Lion Mark has been married to his best friend and partner-in-service PDG Debbie for 44 years. They have two children (Brent – 39 and Jessica – 36). They are also blessed to have two grandsons (Solomon – 5 and Frankie – 2) as well as three grand pups. Mark and Debbie first met on a school bus in 8th grade and as Mark tells it, she ignored him. Debbie shares that she was just shy.

Having had very successful careers in education (Mark) and health care (Debbie), they both retired early (Mark in 2019 and Debbie in 2020) so they could spend more of their time serving as Lions and volunteering in other organizations in their commuity. They now make their home in Ocean Park Washington and are enjoying beach life.


Lions Learning

• Graduate of LCI’s Lions’ Certified Instructor Program (LCIP) – 2019
• Graduate of LCI’s District Governor-Elect School – 2018
• Graduate of Lions University Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programs 2017
• Graduate of Advanced Lions Leadership Institute – 2017
• Attended ten USA-Canada Forums – 2012 through 2015, 2017 through 2023
• Graduate of Northwest Lions Leadership Institute – 2013

Personal Learning

• Doctor of Education from Washington State University – 2008
• Masters in Education from Heritage College – 1997
• Bachelors in Education from Eastern Washington University – 1989
• Associate of Arts from Spokane Falls Community College – 1987
• Graduate United States Air Force Technical School (Missile Systems Analyst) – 1980

Lions History

Lion Mark joined Lions in 1998 as part of the Mansfield Lions Club (19-D) when he was the superintendent of the Mansfield School District (Mansfield, WA). In July of 2000, he became the superintendent of schools for both the St. John School District (St. John, WA) and the Endicott School District (Endicott, WA). There was not a Lions club in either town but they both had active community committees that both Mark and Debbie helped. In 2005, he became the superintenent of schools for the La Center School District (La Center, WA) where he rejoined the Lions family (19-G2). PDG Debbie joined the La Center Lions Club in 2006 where they both served until they transferred to the Peninsula Lions Club (19-G1) in 2020 when they both fully retired.

Lions Recognitions

• Recipient of LCI International President’s Recognition Medal
• Recipient of LCI International Presidential Medal
• Recipient of four LCI International President’s Leadership Medals
• Recipient of three LCIF Chairperson Bronze Medals
• Recipient of three LCI International President’s Certificate of Appreciation
• Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow
• LCIF Progressive Major Donor
• LCIF Lions Legacy Society Member
• CARE – Gordon F. Smith Fellow
• Cover of Lions Magazine – June, 2013

What does Lion Mark do in his “spare” time?

• Lion Mark has always had a dream to build his own house doing most of the work himself. This project began in 2019 and is 98% complete (Lion Debbie would say it is less than 98%).
• Spending time in his shop, working on his cars, learning to upholster, and anything that involves the purchase of new tools is of high interest for Lion Mark.