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Vision for our work as Lions

The driving force of our association is our collective dedication to making the world better (both locally and globally) through service.  This mission is embodied in our Lions moto, We Serve.  

We Serve

PDGs Mark and Debbie have dedicated themselves to living true to this aim which their record of service clearly shows.  Their passion for helping others has also yielded unanticipated personal rewards throughout their Lions journey that are truly immeasurable.  They consistently share that they owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the Lions who grew and nurtured our great association thereby giving us this gift of being Lions today.

These surprising benefits from their personal experience as Lions can be described as components that build upon the foundation of service we all aspire to achieve.  What has deeply enriched their lives can be explained by additions to our Lions motto of We Serve with We Connect and We Learn.

We Connect

Looking back at their nearly forty years of combined Lions experience, PDGs Mark and Debbie are in awe of the connections they’ve made with so many amazing people all around the world. These connections have changed them in ways that are hard for them to fully describe.  If it were not for being Lions, they would have never met these amazing people.  These like-minded individuals have motivated them, inspired them, empowered them, taught them, and mentored them.  They whole-heartedly believe this unheralded gift of being a Lion needs to be lifted out of the background and celebrated as we work together to build our great association into a service platform for the next generation of Lions.

We Learn

In addition to the abundant connections, their Lions journey has provided an almost endless array of learning experiences that have positively impacted their lives.  As humans, we all have built into our DNA a need and desire to learn and grow.  Whether you are looking at a newborn learning to crawl and then walk, or as adults learning to navigate a changing world, humans are always learning.  Their Lion’s experience has given them opportunities to expand their skills, gain new knowledge, enhance their perspectives, as well as positively change their mindsets as citizens of their local community and of the world.  Putting the spotlight on this additional gift for other Lions we receive with our membership is long overdue and worthy of all of our best efforts to integrate into the forefront of the value we all gain for being Lions.

Looking at their service work (or more accurately described as “adventures”), you will see that they dream big and have a track record of success.  At the start, they detail a vision, share their drive to serve, have an unwavering openness to make new connections, and are motivated by the endless opportunities to learn along the journey.  Their vision for this opportunity to serve as an International Director and Partner-in-Service is to model and share this We Serve, We Connect, and We Learn view of being Lions as they help our great association grow and Change the World for the better, both for today’s Lions as well as for all the future Lions of the world.