Lion Mark for ID


PDG Dennis Kelly III

PDG Dennis Kelly III

I first met Lion Mark when I was on the faculty of the Lions Certfied Instructor Program (LCIP) in Toronto Canada 2019.

It was obvious that Lion Mark was a dedicated Lion and passionate about learning how to be a better facilitator. He made many friends in the class and impressed all of the faculty with his keen sense of observation and understanding.

In 2021 we worked together as faculty for the next LCIP class in Des Moines IA and then again in Anaheim CA in 2022. He understands the concept of working together as a team to achieve success.

Lion Mark is intelligent, understanding, dedicated and passionate about our organization  and its members.

He has all the qualities that we need to move our organization forward and to be successful.

I proudly endorse the candidacy of Lion Mark for the office of International Director.

Dennis W. Kelly III, PDG, MD5M GLT Coordinator and Chair, Board of Directors MD5M Lions KidSight Foundation, Inc.